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A letter from Matthew

Hi John,

I just received my order for Qld fonts in today's mail. They are great & very easy to use. The 3 dotted lines are an excellent addition.

After a little bit of playing I have prepared a template that has the dotted lines as a watermark. I've spaced the text (48pt) so that it types on every second solid line. This allows the easy creation of documents without the use of text boxes (which I find fiddly).

If the user wants to have plain sections to add pictures etc, they can do so by inserting text boxes or pictures.

I've attached the Word template (zipped) which you are free to distribute if you wish.


Matthew K.

12 October 2004


Here is Matthew's file: Dotted thirds.zip or Dotted thirds.sit







Thanks Matthew, your suggestion and interest in providing the "Dotted Thirds" zip file is very much appreciated.


Dyeing pandanus for weaving. Sept 2004

School Fonts has close links to the Yolngu of North East Arnhemland, Australia. See: www.arnhemweavers.com.au

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